Each YSBA REP team must have either an on field/off field coach/manager be certified and listed on the official YSBA/OBA team roster as certified in First Aid for Baseball. The last two seasons have shown a considerable increase in serious baseball related injuries. This increase in serious injuries has resulted in concern towards the ability of the individuals in charge to be able to respond and/or potentially treat/stabilize the injury until first responders arrive.


This initiative mitigates the potential of legal action towards an individual coach, local and the YSBA based on “acceptable care” and foreseeable circumstances based on other similar recognized competitive sports such as soccer, lacrosse and hockey. Below you will find a summary of the certification course including Course Content, Acceptable Equivalency and a Certification Application for the YSBA Registrar records. This is a mandatory YSBA program.


The course/certification program, First Aid for Baseball Coaches, can be hosted by your local. For consistency we have partnered with Action First Aid at www.actionfirstaid.ca


The process is:


A team roster coach or off field manager requires to be certified and/or provide proof of equivalent certification prior to an YSBA roster being approved for YSBA and OBA sanctioned play. This individual requires being on the official roster as YSBA First Aid Certified and be named on the team YSBA First Aid for Baseball Certification Application and be approved by the administrator and/or YSBA Registrar.


A coach or local will call Action First Aid to register


Action First Aid (located in South Barrie)

92 Commerce Park

Unit #5

Barrie, Ontario

L4N 8W8



1-866-347-7824 or (705) 720-2978



Emergency First Aid for the Baseball Coach

Course Outline for YSBA Emergency First Aid for the Baseball Coach

Acceptable Equivalency First Aid for the Baseball Coach

YSBA First Aid for Baseball Certification Application